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Body Sculpting Bra is a backless and strapless lingerie solution that is best used to achieve a lifted and seamless bust line. The supportive underwire will provide lift, while the adhesive cups and wings will securely hold the bra in place.

• Ideal under tight fitting or sheer garments
• Re-usable
• Side wings can be removed to go undetected under
• Nude
• Suitable for sizes A-DDD

How to Use:
• Ensure breasts are clean, dry & free from oils, fragrances, deodorants, moisturizers, lotions or powders prior to wearing or this product will not work.
• Position Body Sculpting Bra where your bra would normally sit using the bra to lift your breasts and apply silicone
• Adjust and re-stick as many times as needed for the best fit.
• The extension already attached to the bra wings can be worn for extra support or removed for more revealing
dress styles
• To remove, gently peel away from the skin
• Store and save protective plastic for reuse

• This product contains hypo-allergenic materials, however, for some people, sensitivity may occur
• It is recommended to take a skin test or test this product for a short time before wearing for an extended period
• In the unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use & wash the affected area with clean water
• Not to be used on sensitive or sunburnt skin
• Do not wear overnight

Care & Composition:
• Wash by hand with mild soap and water, air drying and
preserving adhesive with original protective plastic
• 100% Silicone
• 100% Silicone Adhesive

FASHION FORMS~ Body sculpting backless strapless bra FASHION FORMS~ Body sculpting backless strapless bra

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