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The Long Kurta demonstrates the most iconic shape crafted by Lisa Corti’s inspired by the traditional Indian Kurta shape but with a twist of contemporary charm exuding artisanal dedication to craftsmanship. This piece represents the transformation of fabrics into transgenerational and versatile ready-to-wear garments. The Long Kurta doubles up as a perfect cover-up for beach days as well as being the perfect statement light-weight dress. Crafted from 100% malmal cotton this dress is soft to the touch and tailored to fit all.
The Leopard Flower, a bold Lisa Corti classic, features bunches of Dahlias block printed on a solid background. This striking design, drawn from our archives, exudes vibrant, timeless elegance.
In typical Lisa Corti signature style, intricate contrasting details crafted from unused materials punctuate the block-printed adorned loungewear pieces. Mix or match with the other staple loungewear staples.

LISA CORTI~ Long kurta w flowers LISA CORTI~ Long kurta w flowers

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LISA CORTI~ Long kurta w flowers